Who Attends

Anyone working to improve workers’ compensation systems or seeking to manage a changing environment will benefit from attending our conference. 

  • Employers
  • Risk managers
  • Public officials
  • Labor representatives
  • Insurers
  • Researchers
  • Claims managers
  • Legislative staff
  • Lawyers
  • Brokers
  • Actuaries
  • Consultants
  • Third-party administrators
  • Government affairs representatives
  • Workers’ compensation service providers








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What People Say

You can always count on WCRI’s conference to provide you with new lessons and strategies that you can’t get anywhere else. The research will help you identify the challenges as well as innovative approaches for key issues in workers’ compensation. But don’t just take our word for it; see what others have said about our conference:


  • "Our industry has the responsibility to continually improve the workers' compensation process for all parties involved. An important component of successfully meeting this goal is having accurate and relevant data to rely on. The information provided at WCRI's conference impressively fulfills this role."
    - Steve Perroots, Vice President of Global Claims Marriott International, Inc.


  • “WCRI’s annual conference always addresses the biggest issues facing the workers' compensation system and helps me keep my eye on emerging trends.”
    - Michael Fenlon, Senior Director for Corporate Risk Management at UPS


  • "As the original source of "big data" for workers' compensation, I find the WCRI conference unique in that their insights engage all of the parties associated with workers' compensation in a data-driven discussion on improving the system itself."
    - Vincent Armentano, Senior Vice President with Travelers


  • "The experience is exceedingly valuable. The conference affords the opportunity to consider diverse views on major developments in the workers' compensation systems. It is a unique opportunity to hear about the current studies from the authors themselves."
    - Hank Patterson, Patterson Harkavy LLP (counsel to the North Carolina AFL-CIO)


  • “For a focus on deep dive analysis of selected workers comp trends, the WCRI conference is the best.”
    - Peter Rousmaniere, Journalist


  • “A must-do for executives and senior management looking to understand workers' comp cost drivers and differences among and between the states.” 
    - Joe Paduda, Managed Care Matters


  • “Their annual conference, devoid of the usual hucksterism, focuses on the fundamental paradigms of insurance and poses the toughest questions.”
    - Jon Coppelman, Workers’ Comp Insider


  • "The Workers' Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) is always one of my favorite conferences." 
    - Michael Stack, Work Comp Roundup


  • "WCRI's conference remains the most educational forum and best networking opportunity available in the industry." 
    - Rick Denning, Shelter Island Risk Services


If you attended WCRI’s conference in the past and would like to add your review to the list, please e-mail Andrew Kenneally at akenneally@wcrinet.org